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The Art Of Floral And Event Design

By Akeshi Akinseye: Inspiration to create your next event

The Art Of Floral And Event Design features over 250 pages of weddings, stylized shoots and special events designed by Akeshi. Each chapter offers inspiration in different color palettes and styles showcasing creative ways to use flowers. Akeshi is thrilled to share a glimpse of her world with you so you can explore the various colors, textures and moods that are orchestrated to create the splendor and magnificence captured in The Art of Floral and Event Design


The Art of Floral And Event Design is 250 pages of pure perfection! Akeshi s creative well of talent shines through her intricate use of florals and divine design. I cant wait to see what she does next. --Amy Allen, Group Publisher, Modern Luxury Weddings
Elegance is effortless for Akeshi. Her designs drip with beauty - Scott Nava and Cara Nava-Carasco Photography
The entire book is AMAZING! A must have for an event designer. Big beautiful glossy page - Daphne
My daughter-in-law works with flowers and we get her a new book each Christmas. She loved it!! - Jean
This book is a must have to put on your coffee table! 😉 It's simply beautiful and amazing with full pages of inspirations in floral designing! - Linh