A Letter to Job Applicants

A letter to Job Applicants. 

When I read some of the applications that make it's way into our mailboxes, I literally go "WTF". I can't take it! I can barely make it past the second sentence. It's that bad. So today, I am writing to applicants and pleading with you to consider these do's and don'ts before you send your next application. 

Dear recent college graduate, soon to be graduate, sophomore student, and aspiring  event planner,

Here are few do's and don'ts that will come in handy for your next job application. You can thank me later.


  • Do research the owner of the business and address them by name when you apply.

  • Do include a cover letter.

  • Do learn enough about the company before your interview.

  • Do attach your resume and cover letter so we don't ask for it.

  • Do understand that with no level of experience whatsoever in the field, you will most likely not get a salary of 80k plus bonuses or get a lead consultant position in my company.

  • Do impress. Bring your A game. Nothing less.

  • Do personalize: Don't sound like a template. Tell us what your strenghts are and why you would be a good fit for the company.

  • Do show some of your personality and enthusiasm for the position and why you love the company.

  • Do double and triple check for typos. A job application with typos is sloppy and lazy.


  • Don't send a mass email and copy all the event planning companies in Chicago in your email application.

  • Don't begin your email with "hey there".

  • Don't leave comments on our social media pages saying " Hey, I sent you an email and I am yet to hear back". Drives us crazy.

  • Don't send an email saying "to whom it may concern. Are you hiring? Let me know"

  • Don't mention another company in the email. I can't count how many emails I have received that go" I would love to work for xxx Events. " Not my company.

  • Don't tweet your application.

  • Don't call daily to check on the status of your application. Seriously!

  • During an interview, Don't ask the business owner to tell you about the company!

Thats a start. All the best