New Year Resolutions

Hello Darlings,

I love “springing” forward in my business this time of year but can I be honest? As excited as I am about spring, I am also forced to face how I am faring with my resolutions.

I truly have a love/hate relationship with resolutions. We’re a quarter of the way into 2019, and if you’re anything like me, you started the year off with a list of big goals. At the top of mine was: to workout more launch my online workshop, launch my home line products, have at lease 2 self-care day each week, network more, live a healthier lifestyle/etc .. My list is pretty long I must say.

The trust is: I actually haven’t even thought about it at all until I started typing this post. But, I know I’m going to crush it. This year ain’t over yet.

What about you? How are your resolutions faring? Be honest!!!

Akeshi AkinseyeComment