5 tips to get through hump day and increase productivity


We have all been there! The start of the week can be a bit rocky. Monday blues are so real. As entrepreneurs, the first half of the week can be a bit brutal and just overwhelming. I know my monday was. I went through every mood possible and couldn't wait for the week to end and it was only Monday!

Hump Day is a day to re-center and restructure your goals for the rest of the week. Get back on your grind and head full steam ahead towards the end of the week.

Humpday is a time to get refreshed, find new inspiration and tap into your creativity so you can show up and deliver for your clients.

Here are 5 ways to turn Hump Day into a show up and deliver day:

Revisit your week’s to do list:

First and foremost, take a minute to celebrate the items completed on that list and then restructure what’s left on that list and assign tasks and deadlines for the next few days  


Wake up earlier than your scheduled wake up time:

An extra hour or two in the morning can help with catching up on those emails and goals you did not tackle earlier in the week. Set your alarm an hour or two earlier than your usual wake up time. Friday will thank you!



Exercise! Go out there and release some tension. For me, i am in love with boxing and kickboxing. It may be yoga, shred or even a jog or walk. Whatever if is, get out there and sweat it out. It will do you some good.


Connect with people that inspire you: 

Get in touch with fellow entrepreneurs. Plan a work date at your favorite coffee shop or cafe and knock out those pending to-do’s. You will feel refreshed and renewed. Just be sure to make that date productive.


Cut yourself some slack:

Forgive yourselves for falling short these past two days and get back to being the bad ass that you are. Don’t spend the day blaming yourself. Focus on the days ahead of you and how you can maximize the remaining time and get results.  

Glad you made it to the end. If you missed the last post, catch it HERE!