Inspiration or False Advertising?

Inspiration or False Advertising?


Hello Friends, 

OK it's time to discuss a growing issue. This new trend on social media called "inspiration" is getting out of hand. Is it inspiration or false advertising? I vote false advertising. Allow me to expand on this.

Being in a creative business and in the age of social media, we need to share our finished product and pray that no one steals it and takes credit. Unfortunately, I have experienced what I always fear. My work is being shared with no credit whatsoever and they hashtag #Inspiration and hashtag their business name. Infact, I have seen posts where viewers leave comments "beautiful work" etc and they respond "thanks" wow! This is happening with new business owners and shockingly seasoned owners at well. Some of this nonsense, I blame on ignorance, lack of education on what what is right or wrong, stupidity etc. The sad truth is some are just greedy, desperate and simply just don't care. 

A few days ago, it was brought to my attention that recent work of mine was shared on another floral designer's page. HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! I check it out and as usual, no credit to me or the photographer. So I send a message and I get excuses and I am the one at fault. "I found the photo on pinterest with no credit. OK!!! More reason NOT to use it. After some back and forth, I ask they respectfully delete the post. Now, Im the bad guy. SMH!

I am so sick and tired of chasing people down to do the right thing. I am not too thrilled to admit how often this happen to me LOL. Some people say imitation is the best form of flattery. I say it's just annoying as hell..  

Here is the deal! I don't believe in sharing other people's work that I also do because i'ts not just good branding or common sense. Furthermore, it takes a village to create the one photo you have shared and without credit. Here is another issue, adding your company hashtag to that so called "inspiration" post is taking credit for the work PERIOD! It's false advertising and it needs to stop. Think about it. Would Prada share a bag from Gucci and call it "inspiration" ? I don't think so. If you want to inspire, create it. Don't steal it! Don't be sneaky! Do the work! 

Can we all just agree to post our own work and stop stealing? Pretty please....

Thanks for reading. Please share your thoughts! Leave a comment.  If you missed my last post, you can catch it here!