Feeling UNINSPIRED? 5 ways to recharge and get your creative spark back

Feeling Uninspired? 5 ways to recharge and get your creative spark back

Photo: Collin Pierson Photograpy


We have all been there. Sometimes, you just feel stuck and uninspired. I know I've been there! The first thing you need to understand if you experience this is that this is normal. Creativity requires good energy. As a planner and designer, feeling stuck is not a good place to be so I am sharing ways to help get unstuck, recharged and back doing what you are good at. 


My mind is always running wild with ideas and things to do and sometimes, i feel overwhelmed and need to reset so ideas came flow freely and make sense. When I feel stuck, I simply unplug. No internet, no instagram! Just a day of me-time and no "noise" My favorite place to do this is the spa. I love a good massage, facial and a mani -pedi.

Surround yourself with people that inspire you:

Find some inspiration by spending time with people that are successful and creative.

Change your working environment:

One way to get re-inspired is by changing your physical environment. A new working environment can be refreshing. Try a new coffee shop or a co-working space. You will find that new thoughts and ideas will start to flow.

Take a walk:

 Some fresh air can do you good. A long walk may be all you need to get recharged. 

Take a vacation:

Sometimes you just need to get out of town. Travel is so refreshing. New sounds and views will definitely get you recharged and ready to create again. I love to travel and see new places. I find inspiration everywhere I go especially on vacation.

There you have it friends. Next time you are feeling uninspired, I hope one of these helps get your back on track.