You must Crawl before you walk

You must Crawl before you walk

Hello readers!

It feels like it has been a while huh? I have been busy getting my businesses ready for 2018 but I did not forget about you :-) 

Today's blog is a good one ( I think)... There seems to be a new trend of trying to walk before you crawl. Allow me to elaborate!

The truth is, you cannot build a mansion overnight and you cannot build a successful business, publish a book and conquer the world overnight. It seems everyone is in such a rush to make money and right away, but if you crawl before you walk, the money will come in due time. Ask any successful business owner how they started out and they will tell you about how they had to lay a solid foundation, put in hard work and how they were careful of not getting ahead of yourself. Most of them had a mentor or coach. I am all for success but you have to start a bit at a time and you can't get ahead of yourself.

Having a big goal is great. I encourage it but in order to grow and smash those goals, you must learn your craft first. No shortcuts. If you don't, you are offering a huge disservice to your clients and it will catch up with you. You will not be a happy camper!

Here are a few things to consider as you grow your business: 

Start at your level:

We all have to start somewhere. You need to start at your level and grow from there.

Invest in some education: 

Knowledge is your number one asset if you want to grow and in turn, make money. If you are not willing to spend money to expand your knowledge then you will be relying on your knowledge entirely which is not enough. You must educate yourself to expand. There are a ton of workshops out there. So do some research and find a good fit and invest in some education if there are areas in your business that you need to improve on. 

Invest in a coach or mentor:

I so needed a mentor when I started my business but I didn't have one. I did it the hard way. You don't have to. If you are starting out and need a little direction, it won't hurt to invest in a mentor or business coach. It will help you tremendously to start things off right.

Know when to run:

You have put in the work, improved your skills, its time to get your business going. You have to know when to run!! Don't stay stagnant. You don't want to get stuck crawling. You must move your business along.


Continue to put in the work:

Running a business successfully takes hard work and dedication. You must continue to put in the work and grow your business.  

Be sure to stop by for more blog entries. 

Until next time friends.