The Struggle: Work & Life Balance

The Struggle: Work & Life Balance

Dear Friends,

This is one of the topics I know most people can relate to. The struggle is real! One of the things many of us entrepreneurs and people in general struggle with is finding the time to balance our lives on a daily basis.

We drown ourselves in work and leave no time to keep a healthy lifestyle, eating let alone working out. We have all been there or at least I have. Working in the wedding industry means ENDLESS hours on the phone, computer, meetings and producing events. Even when you are sleeping, you are dreaming of work. In the shower, I am making my to do list and wondering what I forgot to add to my to do list. I am telling you the struggle is real people. 

It feels like you cant get a break sometimes. When we thrive in one area of your life, we feel guilty about the other. How the heck do we reach a happy medium? 

What is the solution you ask:

While there is no easy fix, I am learning that work-life balance is not a one time thing. It's something you constantly have to work on and maintain. I find that breaking my life into compartments works best for me. I have to break up my day into little pieces. Time to work, time to relax and so forth and so on. So when I am working, I am in it 100% and when I am with my family or friends, I am present 100%. I have to remind myself that the feeling of guilt for going out for drinks with friends is not allowed. When I go to the gym (another struggle), I put my phone  on Do Not Disturb and that hour and half (sometimes 40 minutes :-) ) is all mine. No emails, texts or calls.. Just time to take care of my body.

I schedule everything in my calendar. Weekly movie night with my hubby, brunch dates on Sundays, workout and rest days etc. It is a constant struggle and I stray from time to time but I try and that is all we can do. TRY and KEEP TRYING and go easy on yourself. 

Until next time..

Be kind yourself and others.