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Akeshi Akinseye
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Photo: BM Photography

Photo: BM Photography

 I am so glad you are taking the next steps to grow your business! After numerous requests over the past few years, I am pleased to offer a personal coaching program, sharing my methods behind my success along with my knowledge in the event and wedding industry. I understand that starting your own business in the event planning and design field can be exciting but also overwhelming and SCARY! I will work side by side with you guiding and advising you throughout the process to meet and exceed your business goals. The goal of this program is to help you redefine your business and bring it to the next level of success.

This coaching program is created to guide you and teach you what I have learned, insider knowledge about the industry and learn the techniques and formulas I have used to build my own successful businesses and brand. This program walks through the step-by-step processes, pricing formulas and design techniques used to create exquisite events. 

I enjoy sharing what I have learned along the way with eager entrepreneurs as yourself looking to grow. So take that next step and lets chat!


10 Bi- Weekly Phone Sessions

1 day in-person session (Includes: Sit Down *No hands on training, 8.5 Hour Business Session, Lunch)

1 day in person session - Hands on training (Includes: Hands on training with Akeshi, Flower processing and preparation, Sourcing , Bouquet & Boutonniere Design, Low Arrangement Design, Grand Arrangement Design, Full table Set Up and Design)

Photo: Collin Pierson Photography

Photo: Collin Pierson Photography


Rarely do we acknowledge the role of people who shape us, mould us, help us find ourselves by discovering our passion while taking the leap of faith to finally have the courage to go after our dreams. 
I've always had a passion for event planning and floral design however, I was scared and afraid that I will fall flat on my face. One day, I stumbled on Akeshi's social media page and was intrigued of her talent. I immediately saw myself in her and felt a sense of calmness, confidence and strength that I too have the ability to achieve success if I have the right mentor to help guide me through this journey. I decided to attend her first workshop and the rest is history.
Mentorship with Akeshi was by far the best investment I could have done for myself. I've learned so much and my business has shifted for the better. Her one on one coaching provided me with the tools that I can use to take my business to the next level. As a mentor, she taught me how to stand out among the bunch, how to utilize social media and make it work for me, how to write a proper proposal, contract, developing content for my website, how to select the right vendor, lead management, how to properly brand myself to attract the right clients and so much more. Prior to her mentorship my business wasn't where I needed it to be, but after taking her one on one, my business has grown significantly and I couldn't be happier.
She's so unselfish with her time that I felt l like I'm her only mentee. She pushes me, she believes in me, she inspires me and constantly reminding me that I can DO IT. She wants me to be great, she sees my success as her success, my wins are her wins. Akeshi is very transparent, selfless and giving. She pours herself entirely into you making sure you will be successful even after your mentorship has completed. She shares her experiences, her ups and downs, her mistakes and her victories to help propel you in this industry. Akeshi is more than a mentor, she's a friend, sister, someone I look up to, count on, and can always go to for advice.
Today, as I stand tall holding my head high, I cannot help but bow down to the teacher who has made me who I am. I want to sincerely thank you for all the efforts and the patience you have shown in transforming me from an average designer to a confident, focused successful event designer. I will always remain grateful for all the things I have learnt from you. I believe 2018 & 2019 will be my best years yet. It's an honor to be your mentee.
Johanne ~ JP Events & Design
Anxious to expand my knowledge of floral design and awed by Akeshi 's to-drool-over yummy centerpiece confections, I excitedly signed up for a three day seminar. Upon arrival I quickly revelled in being surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of blooms and fabulous, like minded creatives. I expected to take away knowledge of the "how-tos" of Akeshi's masterpieces, but what I acquired over those 3 days was infinitely more than I ever expected. 
Foremost was the friendship developed with Akeshi in such a short time. This exquisite woman is a grand success in her field, but kindheartedly and humbly nurtured along my attempts to emulate her vision, while encouraging me to develop my own. She freely gives of her creativity while also expecting the best from all of the group-and she is shoulder to shoulder with us as we worked through the process. 
I am extremely grateful to have been under the tutelage and mentor ship of Akeshi and plan on taking another class with her. Don't hesitate taking this seminar. I can truly say it gave me a new direction for my fledgling business, an increased world vision of my fellow creatives, and deep joy in creating such exquisite, detailed beauty for all to enjoy.
Patrice Muhlenfeld ~ Enchanted Events

The Kesh Experience is a game changer! My expectations were surpassed anything I I was thinking. Akeshi is an AMAZING designer and teacher. I love the fact that she was transparent with the class and very hands on in her teaching. I had not floral training before I took this class. Now the sky is the limit on what I can design. I would advise anyone who is wanting to train with the BEST to sign up for this class! I will be taking this class again. This class has change my life and business.
Shanna Boger ~ PRP Luxury Group


I am pleased to offer my popular floral and design workshop - The Kesh Experience. This program has been carefully designed to guide attendees at all levels through "The Art Of Floral & Event Design" and to teach attendees how to build a successful business in the luxury market. Sessions will cover pricing and proposal strategies, up-selling, marketing, branding, sourcing, styling, creating a stylized shoot, guest speakers and so much more. You will also learn the secrets behind my signature designs from bouquets to lush floral pieces.

At The Kesh Experience, you will learn the fundamentals of floral and event design, layering, tabletop essentials, branding and marketing your business, sourcing and have the opportunity to get hands-on experience creating a real event. Attendees will be given the tools and guidance to create lush and over the top arrangements, bouquets, creative floral designs and more. The workshop will give you the confidence to create, design, and discover your own personal style. In addition, we will be teaching the mechanics behind how we build our lush centerpieces, bouquets and floral arrangements. All tools and supplies will be provided, including florals and vases.